Your Full Guide to Understanding Voice over IP (VoIP) - G2 Crowd

Your Full Guide to Understanding Voice over IP (VoIP) - G2 CrowdYour Full Guide to Understanding Voice over IP (VoIP) - G2 CrowdPosted: 03 Jun 2020 03:56 PM PDTCommunication is a core service.Business relies on communication. Governments need it. Healthcare cannot do without communications. People need it at a personal level. Drums, pigeons, and smoke signals were communication tools in the distant past.Modern communications kicked off with the invention of the telegraph by Samuel Morse in the 1840s. The next major milestone in communications was the invention of the telephone by Alexander Graham Bell in or around 1876. The analog phone lasted well into the 20th century until the internet arrived on the scene in the 1970s, and Danny Cohen gave a demonstration of packet voice in 1973. The early 1990s saw testing of IP telephony for commercial use and the first IP phone was released in 1995.Voice over IP or VoIP went from strength to strength and PSTN retreated. Today, VoIP is taken for…

WhatsApp Hack Reveals VoIP Security Flaws - Toolbox

WhatsApp Hack Reveals VoIP Security Flaws  Toolbox

Warnings over the potential security vulnerabilities that can be exposed via VoIP were painfully realized this month with a successful attack on popular ...


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