A Look at Virgin Media UK's Future HUB 4 Gigabit Connect Box Router - ISPreview.co.uk

A Look at Virgin Media UK's Future HUB 4 Gigabit Connect Box Router - ISPreview.co.uk

A Look at Virgin Media UK's Future HUB 4 Gigabit Connect Box Router - ISPreview.co.uk

Posted: 30 Jul 2019 04:01 PM PDT


The forthcoming rollout of cable broadband ISP Virgin Media's new 1Gbps service (here) – expected to cover the whole of their UK network by 2021 – will be accompanied by a new DOCSIS 3.1 compatible HUB 4 router (aka – Gigabit Connect Box / Connect Box v2) and here's everything we know about the new device so far.

Liberty Global, Virgin's parent operator, has already launched their new DOCSIS 3.1 (cable networking standard) powered Hybrid Fibre Coax (HFC) and Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) based Gigabit speed broadband service in several other European counties before the United Kingdom (e.g. Poland and Germany). As such we have a fairly good idea of what to expect over this side of the channel. But first, a recap.

The existing DOCSIS 3.0 based Hub 3.0 router, which is merely a re-branded version of Liberty Global's Connect Box router (based off an ARRIS TG2492S/CE), has of course had its fair share of problems (e.g. the Intel Puma 6 latency bug) and so subscribers will be keen to move on to its replacement (initially only those on their DOCSIS 3.1 plans will benefit but it is backwards compatible so we can see it filtering down eventually).

NOTE: In Europe the DOCSIS standard is more accurately referenced as EuroDOCSIS.

The replacement, which we first touched on last year (here), is called the Gigabit Connect Box (aka – Connect Box 2) but this will be rebranded to the Hub 4 and coloured black/red for its launch in the United Kingdom. Until recently we only knew that this device featured 4 x Gigabit LAN ports, 2 x Phone ports (handy for Virgin's VoIP service) and we understand that the theoretical WiFi peak speed via 5GHz and 2.4GHz combined is over 2100Mbps (not yet confirmed but we know the 5GHz band alone can do 1.3Gbps at peak).

gigabit connect box router liberty global uk

Since then we've been able to confirm that this is in fact based off Arris's Touchstone TG3492 Telephony Gateway router, which in the United Kingdom has been given the model code of TG3492LG-VMB. The unit is a custom model and so you won't find it listed on Arris's website, which has made it difficult to know what the exact specifications are (Virgin won't say) but we do have a few new details beyond those mentioned above.

So far as we've been able to confirm the Hub 4 also features an Intel Puma 7 (CE2752) CPU, can handle 32×8 bonded channels on DOCSIS 3.0 and 2×2 OFDM and OFDMA on DOCSIS 3.1, supports 3×3 MIMO on 2.4GHz WiFi (802.11n) and 4×4 MIMO on 5GHz (802.11ac Wave 2 – 1.3Gbps), 512MB of NAND flash memory and 1GB of DDR3L random access memory. Apparently it has a total of 10 or 11 internal antennas (we've seen both figures stated).

Judging by these specs the Gigabit Connect Box (Hub 4) is a very close match for Arris's TG3442 router (except for the inclusion of a USB 3.0 port and a few other smaller differences – design etc.), which is in the public domain.

NOTE: The Gigabit Connect Box has an idle power consumption of 12.0 Watts and 15.3 Watts under standard load. Dimensions are 205 mm x 116 mm x 91 mm.

At this point we note that Liberty Global in Germany did in fact launch two DOCSIS 3.1 routers – AVM's similarly featured FRITZ!Box 6591 Cable router (2533Mbps WiFi speed – Intel chipset) and their Gigabit Connect Box. However this only occurred in Germany because of a law that requires some extra flexibility in router choice and, so far, our sources have only seen the black Gigabit Connect Box being tested in the UK.

One other bit of new information that might be interesting for our readers is that Virgin's 1Gbps tier will come with an upload speed of just 50Mbps (seen in UK testing), which is in keeping with elsewhere in Europe. Virgin have recently been upgrading their sub-500Mbps plans to a 10:1 ratio of download to upload speed (here) but they'd probably struggle to do more than 50Mbps right now on the new 1Gbps tier.

On the whole this is an improvement over the Hub 3 but we're disappointed to see no USB ports on the back. We should point out that the Puma 7 chipset was also affected by that aforementioned latency bug from 2-3 years ago but it's extra performance made this easier to resolve (in theory this shouldn't be a problem any more for the Hub 4).

Jails dont stop gangsters from operating anymore - The Weekend Leader

Posted: 30 Jul 2019 12:26 AM PDT

Jails don't stop gangsters from operating anymore

New Delhi

Posted 30 Jul 2019

Jails no more bar the underworld dons and gangsters from carrying out their nefarious activities, including extortions.

A number of cases have come to light recently which revealed how the gang lords, lodged in Tihar and some other jails in the National Capital Region (NCR), carried out their operations through WhatsApp calls using wifi or VOIP (voice over internet protocol) numbers. The WhatsApp calls are meant to dodge the jammers in place.

Mobile phones and the gadget required for the wifi are smuggled into the prisons for the purpose, not without the connivance of the some jail staff members, and it makes it immensely difficult for the agencies to intercept such calls.

In one such case in February, gangster Rahul Kala, who is an undertrial lodged in Delhi's Rohini jail, extorted Rs 50 lakh from a businessman through a video call, sources said.

On March 6, a joint team of Special Staff and Central District police arrested four accomplices of gangster Keshav Kakkar, after a city-based businessman reported an extortion call made to him through a WhatsApp video call. Kakkar is currently lodged in the Rohini Jail.

Highlighting that some police personnel collude with the gangsters, a constable of the Tamil Nadu Special police, deployed inside the Rohini jail, was recently caught supplying mobile and internet telephony gadgets to the gangsters.

The incident which seriously compromised the security of the jail was brought to the notice of IG-Prisons who got the accused constable terminated.

"The gangsters have gone hi-tech. They are using international 4G SIM cards for WhatsApp calls, making it impossible for us to track their phone conversations. High speed internet dongles are smuggled inside the jails and later used by other inmates. The connivance of the lower rung staff of the jail cannot be ruled out," a senior officer of Tihar Jail said on condition of anonymity.

Sources said that internet telephony was also exploited by the gangsters in betting related to the recent cricket World Cup.

"The inmates easily break the SIMs once they get connected with their gang members outside the jail through WhatsApp video calling. Most dreaded gangsters in Tihar Jail such as Neeraj Bawana are running their gangs and indulging in contract killings, extortion rackets and other crimes through internet calling," the official said.

"Such gangsters pay huge money to the canteen staff and security constables in jails to obtain banned items. That is the easiest way for such hardened criminals who spend years behind bars to get in touch with their gang members," the officer added.

In March this year, a video, shot using a mobile phone, surfaced showing a gangster cooking and chatting with other inmates inside his cell in Tihar Jail. The 15-minute clip showed the man filming the facilities he enjoyed inside his cell. He also took a selfie with another inmate.

After the video went viral on YouTube and Facebook, an inquiry was conducted by a DIG rank officer and it was found that the jail officials had provided all facilities to the three inmates -- Salim, Rustom and Sohrab -- all brothers from Lucknow after allegedly taking money from them.

In another case last year, a Magistrate recommended an FIR against the Tihar Jail officials, including the Tihar Director General for allegedly giving favours to Unitech promoters Sanjay and Ajay Chandra inside the jail.

However, the data of the Delhi Armed Police's 3rd Battalion, which is tasked with escorting prisoners and convicts to and from the prison, has a different story. Among the items that this team confiscated from the prison inmates till April this year were over 30 mobile phones.

On June15 this year, two high-end I-phones were also allegedly found hidden beneath the bedsheet of former Haryana Chief Minister Om Prakash Chautala who is lodged in Tihar Jail in national capital.

The cellphones were recovered from Chautala's cell at 6 a.m. after officials in Tihar jail conducted a surprise inspection in Jail No. 2.

"Two Android mobile phones, a charger, some tobacco powder and a wire were recovered during the surprise check at Ward No. 3. The search officer got suspicious by Chautala's body language and on seeing a wire hanging out from beneath his bedsheet. Earlier, we got a tip-off that mobile phones were used in Jail No. 2," Tihar Central Jail AIG Raj Kumar said recently.

In 2018, the recoveries included 100 mobile phones and watches hidden in body cavities and clothing, more than 1,000 pouches of tobacco products and sharpened metals strips which could be used as weapons, and other banned items such as blades, cash, knives and even narcotic substances.

It is not just Tihar. In February, 11 mobile phones, smart chargers and batteries were recovered from a packet allegedly thrown inside the Bhondsi jail complex, a month after relatives of three prisoners were booked for allegedly trying to sneak in drugs, mobile chargers and bluetooth.

Last year, 48 persons were booked after 84 mobile phones and 18 SIM cards were seized from inmates in Bhondsi Jail, according to Jai Kishan Chillar, Superintendent of Police (SP), Bhondsi Jail.

"In February 2018, 22 abandoned mobile phones were seized from Bhondsi jail after a clash between inmates of rival gangs led by Bindar Gujjar and Rajesh Bawana and Ashok Gujjar following which they also attacked on jail officials," said Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime) Sumit Kumar.  IANS 


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