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Working from home, keeping connected: 17 video conferencing and collaboration tools to consider - from home, keeping connected: 17 video conferencing and collaboration tools to consider - 23 Mar 2020 12:00 AM PDTThe coronavirus outbreak is spreading chaos and anxiety around the world, causing businesses and individuals to reassess in a fundamental way how they are going to keep going over the coming weeks and months. One tiny sliver of comfort is that our internet-enabled connectedness has opened up new ways of doing things, allowing parts of the workforce to operate remotely, thus helping to slow the spread of the virus as well as enabling activity to continue in a way that would not have been possible even five years ago.For those employees able to work from home, audio and video conferencing can help reduce the sense of isolation that many are feeling, providing an all-important psychological boost as well as helping them plan a…

Global VoIP Services Market 2019 Telefonica, Avaya, Talk360, RingCentral, TATA Communications, Nextiva, Tencent - Industry News Feed

Global VoIP Services Market 2019 Telefonica, Avaya, Talk360, RingCentral, TATA Communications, Nextiva, Tencent - Industry News Feed

Global VoIP Services Market 2019 Telefonica, Avaya, Talk360, RingCentral, TATA Communications, Nextiva, Tencent - Industry News Feed

Posted: 02 Aug 2019 03:14 AM PDT

Global "VoIP Services Market" 2019 research document on the VoIP Services market provides a precise outline and the concepts of the dynamic in the international VoIP Services market. The entire research report offers value in terms of sectional review and evaluates on the global VoIP Services market across regional levels as well as from a global viewpoint.

The report contains widespread conceptual study for VoIP Services, which will help the customer to discover the upcoming obstacles and guess precise operation. The development rate is estimated depending on a deep and profound survey that offers reliable data on the international VoIP Services. We have merged requisites and growth points after a crucial understanding of the enhancement of VoIP Services. Thus the report is exclusively designed in line with essential data in the all-inclusive VoIP Services, the main ingredients in charge of the interest for its products and leaders. Our best researchers have probed the VoIP Services report along with the reference of suppliers and data provided by the top players. Following is the list of companies which have offered flexible sources and records to upgrade the view of the related methodological conditions. Leading players in the global VoIP Services market are Telefonica, Avaya, Talk360, RingCentral, TATA Communications, Nextiva, Tencent, HipChat, Viber Media, Kakao Japan, Apple, Cisco, Line, Facebook, IBM, BigAnt, Google, Vonage, Microsoft Skype, magicJack, Kosmaz Technologies (VoIP).

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VoIP Services Market pinpoints the following major components

An extensive study of the Global VoIP Services Market, including estimation of the said market.
Developing trends by segments, sub-segments, and geographic VoIP Services markets.
Fundamental transformations in VoIP Services market dynamics and overview.
Market analysis from 2019-2025 along with former data of last five years.
Market segments and methods of the foremost competitors in the VoIP Services.
current and anticipated future market size, in terms of both quality and volume.
Reporting and projection of the latest industry advances.

Global manufacturing companies launch new products once in a few months and Marketresearchstore listed down information on the outcomes of the VoIP Services Market:

International, Domestic

There are categories based on the types of the products of the VoIP Services Market. The product request data given by the client application and the report has information on it too:

Corporate, Individual

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Last but not the least, international VoIP Services Market following points are focused along with a detailed study of each point

1. Production Review: Generation of this Global VoIP Services Industry is tested about applications, types, and regions along with cost survey of competitors that are included.

2. Sales & Profit Evaluation: Gain, sales are analyzed for this market, including with a number of key aspects.

3. Development and Strength: In continuation using proceeds, this section studies utilization, and global VoIP Services market. This area also focuses on export and VoIP Services relevance data.

4. Rivals: In this section, leading players have been reviewed based on a variety of products, their VoIP Services company profile, quantity, cost, and revenues.

5. Inquiries and Explorations: VoIP Services market analysis apart from business, the data, and supply, contact information from producers, customers, and suppliers can also be provided. Besides, the study includes outcomes of various analysis like SWOT analysis, PEST Analysis, PORTERS Analysis etc.

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In the end, the extensive VoIP Services market report is designed with the initial and first-hand conclusion to utilize the VoIP Services market and participate in business development for important business opportunities. The precise figures and statistical representation of the VoIP Services market are revealed in a represented approach. The VoIP Services report also specifies an investigation of potential competition, current market insights, and other fundamental characteristics across the globe.


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Google Is Listening To Your Smart Home Speaker Recordings To Improve AI - Z6Mag

Posted: 12 Jul 2019 12:00 AM PDT

A researcher claims to discover Honda's ElasticSearch database that exposes the internal system and device data. The discovery revealed a database containing 40GB of internal system and data services that are unprotected and unencrypted by Honda's Security.

Belonging to Honda Motor Company, the unsecured database was found leaking sensitive information about its global system, which includes the devices which aren't up-to-date or protected by security protocols.

The said exposed ElasticSearch database accommodated approximately 134 documents that amounted to an estimate of 40GB of data belonging to Honda, one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world. The data could have helped and provided attackers with an easy map for locating the security "soft spots" of the company, said security researcher Justin Paine, who discovered the leak of the database.

"The data contained within this database was related to the internal network and computers of Honda Motor Company," he said in a post on Wednesday about the incident.

"The information available in the database appeared to be something like an inventory of all Honda internal machines. This included information such as machine hostname, MAC address, internal IP, operating system version, which patches had been applied and the status of Honda's endpoint security software."

The leaked information seems to go back as far as March 13, and this also includes significant information on endpoint security vendors that protects Honda's machines (which Paine did not name). The leak also pointed out machines with endpoint security software that are enabled and up-to-date. What is more disturbing is that it also pinpoints machines that do not have any endpoint security enabled at all, or are using older operating systems.

"If an attacker is looking for a way into Honda's network, knowing which machines are far less likely to identify/block their attacks would be critical information," stated Paine. "These 'uncontrolled machines' could very easily be the open door into the entire network."

Aside from finding sensitive system information, Paine also discovered a dataset that contains employee information like names, email addresses, department, last login, employee number, and account names. It also gives out specific employees' machine IP address, MAC address, hostname, operating system, machine type, endpoint security state and which Windows patches had been applied.

One data test also revealed the CEO's full email account, account name, and ID; the last time they logged in the system, and as well as the device data such as MAC address, patching history, OS version, endpoint security status and the IP — it also specifies what device type the user is using. Attackers could use these data to locate an employee and keep tabs on them to identify ways to launch targeted attacks, Paine warned.

In a statement given by the researcher, he said that Honda claimed that there is no evidence that the data was leaked. Honda did not respond right away to a request for any further comments.

"The security issue… identified could have potentially allowed outside parties to access some of Honda's cloud-based data that consisted of information related to our employees and their computers," according to Honda's statement.

"We investigated the system's access logs and found no signs of data download by any third parties. At this moment, there is no evidence that data was leaked…We will take appropriate actions in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, and will continue to work on proactive security measures to prevent similar incidents in the future," the carmaker added further.

Unsecured databases still continue to be a security problem in companies. In June, for example, three publicly accessible cloud storage buckets from a data-management company, Attunity, leaked more than a terabyte of data from its top Fortune 100 customers, which includes internal business documents, system passwords, and some sensitive employee information.

There were also some instances that occurred in May, where IT services provider, HCL Tech, inadvertently exposed passwords and other sensitive project reports and other private data of thousands of customers and internal employees.

And in April hundreds of millions of Facebook records were found in two separate publicly exposed app datasets.

This information highlights how data security could be at risk. A single flaw in the system could lead to significant exposure of private information to the public. Security protocols should be tightened and fortified, said Paine.


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