Best VoIP services of 2019: find the best in business VoIP providers - TechRadar

Best VoIP services of 2019: find the best in business VoIP providers - TechRadar

Best VoIP services of 2019: find the best in business VoIP providers - TechRadar

Posted: 20 Sep 2019 12:00 AM PDT

Best VoIP services

The internet revolutionized telecoms by making Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) available, but the development of cloud-based systems and the proliferation of mobile devices has transformed the telecoms market even further. 

Whereas before it would take lots of hardware and months of setting up to put a business telecoms network into play, now it takes minutes with a cloud-based VoIP solution.

Even better, the costs have gone down significantly due to the lack of need to invest in infrastructure, meaning that the latest telecoms solutions for business are incredibly accessible and very cost-effective.

For the startup business, it's never been easier or so cheap to set up a business phone system or even a call center. 

For the established business, not only are cloud-based VoIP systems more cost-effective, but the availability of analytics means that not only can staff productivity and the customer journey be better tracked, but it's also simple to gain actionable insights from the business intelligence provided.

Whichever VoIP system you're thinking of buying into, here we present the best currently on the market. 

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(Image credit: RingCentral)

1. RingCentral Office

An accessible VoIP solution from an old reliable

User Friendly

Variety of price plans

Lower plans very basic

RingCentral was founded in 1999. It provides cloud-based solutions and collaboration solutions for businesses.

RingCentral has 4 pricing tiers. Users can save 33% by signing up to an annual subscription.

The 'Essentials' plan is $19.99 per user per month. It includes 10 users, toll free/local number, 100 toll free minutes and 4 people video conferencing.

The 'Standard' package is $24.99 per user month. This includes unlimited users, toll free/local number, 1,000 toll free minutes, 4 people video conferencing and unlimited internet fax.

The 'Premium' tier starts at $34.99 per user per month and is deemed RingCentral's most popular plan. It includes all the other two plans have to offer plus 2,500 toll free minutes, 100 people video conferencing, automatic call-recording and voicemail-to-text.

The 'Ultimate' plan is $49.99 per user per month. It includes all the features available with the other packages but also offers 10,000 toll free minutes and 200 people video conferencing.

Users can avail of a 14-day free trial.

Setup is relatively easy and includes a versatile cloud-based management system. Users can opt to keep their own phone or purchase new ones from RingCentral. Users who choose to keep their own hardware only need to plug them into their existing phone jacks.

RingCentral is cloud-based. As a result users can utilise its application to make voice calls, faxing, texting as well as audio and video conferencing.

Some of the more price effective packages do lack some features users might expect to find in standard plans. These include auto attendant and automatic call recording. However, the higher tiers more than make up for this by including a huge number of extra features.


(Image credit: 8x8)

2. 8x8 X Series Cloud Service

Bring your phone system to life with this handy VoIP solution


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