Form 10-K IDT CORP For: Jul 31 -

Form 10-K IDT CORP For: Jul 31 -

Form 10-K IDT CORP For: Jul 31 -

Posted: 11 Oct 2019 10:11 AM PDT

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Best business phone system of 2019: telecoms solutions for SMEs - TechRadar

Posted: 03 Oct 2019 08:01 AM PDT

Best business phone system

The days of complicated switchboard hardware and a desktop phone on every desk are over. New cloud-based solutions are now available, not least for VoIP phone solutions.

This means that any mobile device can now make and take calls through your office phone service. Often running as an app on your cell phone or tablet, this works as a softphone from which you can manage not just voice calls, but also work with email, messaging, video and conferencing, all through a single interface. 

Not only can this make it easier to organize your office telephony, it also allows employees to connect their own mobile devices to your telephone network using a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy. No longer do workers have to be in or around the office to take calls, now they can be anywhere and on the go, or even working from home, yet still take and make phone calls through your business phone system.

Even better for business owners, this makes it easier to manage communications across the company, not just in terms of lines and extensions, but also using the latest technology for automated processes and predictive dialing to make the whole process easier. 

On top of that, cloud-based VoIP solutions offer unprecedented levels of analytics which doesn't simply allow you to maximize communications across your phone system, but also allows actionable insights into the customer journey and customer behavior, as well as making it simpler for sales and support to engage with customers.

Sometimes sold as Unified Communications, or as Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), these cloud-hosted VoIP solutions allow you to manage all communications across the company and its customer base much easier.

Here we feature the best in business phone system solutions for the busy modern office.

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MiCloud Business

(Image credit: Mitel)

1. MiCloud Business

The standard bearer for Unified Communications

Comprehensive features


Good redundancy

Higher pricing

MiCloud Business by Mitel is a leading VoIP phone system for business. It allows you to run all your communications tools from the cloud as a unified solution. Voice, email, and messenger apps can all be accessed from a single contact center. This can be integrated with additional applications, not least CRM and SalesForce. As the service is spread around multiple datacenters this helps provide redundancy and keep the service working.

MiCloud Business comes with a number of features, not least local phone numbers with unlimited calls and portability, mobile twinning with hotdesk and auto-attendant, ring groups, call recording, and audio conferencing, along with a number of other features built in as standard. It also comes with analytics to make it easier to manage and streamline workflows and operations, resource planning, and system optimization. Of course, if you require hardware, Mitel can provide telephone systems that are preconfigured for the service, according to your business needs.

Overall, MiCloud Business delivers what you'd expect: a full-featured business phone system that allows for flexible working without cutting back on functionality. It's well-designed and has a good set of collaborative functions. The one  negative point is that the service tends to be priced a little higher than other providers.

Avaya OneCloud

(Image credit: Avaya)

2. Avaya OneCloud

The cost-effective and scaleable VoIP suite


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