Cisco: 5 hot networking trends for 2020 - Network World

Cisco: 5 hot networking trends for 2020 - Network World

Cisco: 5 hot networking trends for 2020 - Network World

Posted: 18 Dec 2019 12:00 AM PST

Hot trends in networking for the coming year include SD-WAN, Wi-Fi 6, multi-domain control, virtual networking and the evolving role of the network engineer into that of a network progrmmer, at least according to Cisco.

They revolve around the changing shape of networking in general, that is the broadening of data-center operations into the cloud and the implications of that change, said Anand Oswal, senior vice president of engineering in Cisco's Enterprise Networking Business.

"These fundamental shifts in where business processes run and how they're accessed, is changing how we connect our locations together, how we think about security, the economics of networking, and what we ask of the people who take care of them," Oswal said.

In blog outlining the key trends for 2020, Oswal detailed his thoughts about the five areas.

Wi-Fi 6 and 5G

First up, wireless technology – especially Wi-Fi 6 – will get into the enterprise through the employee door and through enterprise access-point refreshes. The latest smartphones from Apple, Samsung, and other manufacturers are Wi-Fi 6 enabled, and Wi-Fi 6 access points are currently shipping to businesses and consumers.

5G phones are not yet in wide circulation, although that will begin to change in 2020, athough mostly for consumers and towards the end of the year. Oswal wrote that Cisco projects more people will be using Wi-Fi 6 than 5G through 2020.  


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