Just Breathe: Building an IT Reputation During COVID-19 - No Jitter

Just Breathe: Building an IT Reputation During COVID-19 - No JitterJust Breathe: Building an IT Reputation During COVID-19 - No JitterPosted: 07 Apr 2020 04:04 AM PDTAs COVID-19 runs its course, telecom managers are adjusting to changes like everyone else. Another IT leader in my company recently sent this email, and it seems appropriate to share at this challenging time:Patience is a virtue, and a little kindness goes a long way.The time was and is bound to come, perhaps multiple times due to the increased stresses of the current global situation where we all start to feel stressed out, far overworked with no end in sight and short-tempered. Everyone needs to take a moment to breathe and please don't forget to keep taking a moment when necessary going forward. This already applied implicitly but in times like these when the volume and criticality of requests are several multiples higher and with our daily lives being twisted into something unfamiliar, it needs to be explicit. Eve…

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