VoIP Business Digital Voice - Verizon Communications

VoIP Business Digital Voice - Verizon Communications

VoIP Business Digital Voice - Verizon Communications

Posted: 01 Sep 2020 02:48 AM PDT

What is VoIP?

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a technology that transports high quality voice calls over the internet instead of a traditional phone network.

Can I use my fax, alarm or credit card lines on Business Digital Voice? 

Fax machines require a Business Digital Voice telephone line and an analog converter (ATA) to work. Verizon Fios customers can fax unlimited pages on their Business Digital Voice line. For non-Fios customers, it is not recommended to fax more than five pages per fax. Verizon cannot guarantee your fax machine will work on a VoIP line. Credit card, alarm, fire, elevator or security lines are not supported on Business Digital Voice. You can purchase an additional copper telephone line for these purposes.

What equipment do I need with Business Digital Voice

Business Digital Voice requires IP phones that work over an internet connection. These phones allow you to manage some of your Business Digital Voice features right from the phone and provide high quality calls. Verizon offers a variety of IP phones starting at $85.00 to best fit your business needs. At this time, we do not allow customers to bring their own VoIP equipment.

If you do not want to purchase IP Phones, you can purchase an Analog Terminal Adapter (ATA) starting at $85.00 to use with two telephones. You plug your traditional analog phone(s) into the adapter and it will run over IP. Please note: you cannot plug IP Phones into an ATA. PBX and Key Systems are not supported on ATAs. Customers faxing on Business Digital Voice will need an ATA. Please see "Can I use my fax, alarm, or credit card lines on Business Digital Voice" for more information.

What is included with Business Digital Voice?

Business Digital Voice is the premier VoIP phone system that provides big business tools for small businesses, with over 45 features to help make your business more efficient, productive and mobile. We also include mobile and desktop apps so you can manage your calls and business when you are away from your desk. Multiple call forwarding options are available so you don't miss a call.

If I need help with Business Digital Voice, where can I go?

Support is always available. Visit businessdigitalvoice.verizon.com for videos, articles, free live training sessions, and live chat to help with all your Business Digital Voice features.

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