Pros and cons of a cloud phone system - AZ Big Media

Pros and cons of a cloud phone system - AZ Big Media

Pros and cons of a cloud phone system - AZ Big Media

Posted: 23 Feb 2021 12:00 AM PST

Cloud phone systems have become popular in many businesses. Cloud phone system is a voice over IP based business phone hosted by a third-party provider. Innovative cloud phone systems organize your business communications and help your business operate with high security. You should check the reputation of the service providers before buying the system from them. It will help you weigh out the pros and cons of purchasing cloud phone services for your business use.

Pros of a cloud phone system.

• Reduce costs.

Whether you are operating a big business or small business, switching to VoIP will reduce your business' call costs. Cloud phone system providers charge less per minute compared to landline telephone services. Regardless of how many calls you make, cloud phone services will cost you less money than landline service. If you operate a call center, the unlimited minute's package will save you money, while if your business spare minutes pay as you go pricing can be a good option for you.

• Geographic flexibility.

When using cloud phone systems, you do not need to be in your office to make calls. It allows you to work in any place as long as you have an internet connection. You can work from your house or as a full-time remote worker.  The cloud phone systems have apps to allow you to work from any location.

Geographic flexibility can help you connect your other offices in different locations. If your company has various offices in different places, you can connect them to one phone system and hire one administrator to manage it from any location.

• Reliability.

Companies can host cloud system components in different locations. Hence most providers have little to no disruptions. If you are using cloud phone systems in your various offices, in case one server has a problem, the other server can act as a backup, you will have less downtime. If you host cloud phone systems in different locations, you will experience few disruptions because the servers are similar in each area. Inquire from the service providers when looking for a cloud phone system the downtime of the service.

Cloud phone system cons.

• Router and phone costs.

If you want to switch to a cloud phone system, you need to buy equipment to run it. You require to purchase IP phones to use a cloud phone system.  The IP phones might be adding more costs as you need to buy an Ethernet port to operate them. You might require Ethernet nods and a larger router. Purchasing equipment might cost you a lot of money.

• Outside disruptions.

If you have an internet service provider that keeps on dropping internet service, it will disrupt your cloud phone system. You need to find a reliable internet service provider to solve the problem. However, disruptions might be a big problem if you are trapped in low-quality internet providers by contracts.

Bottom line.

Choosing a cloud phone system will be good for your business as it lowers the costs used in running the phone system. They enable your employees to work from anywhere provided the location has an internet connection. Companies with hosted phone solutions spend less money on phone bills.

Clarksville phone company CrossPath Telecom Network offering 2 months of free service - Clarksville Now

Posted: 26 Feb 2021 12:00 AM PST

CLARKSVILLE, TN – CrossPath Telecom Network, based in Clarksville, is the most unique telephone service provider your business can find. With their phone service averaging over 99.999% uptime, CrossPath Telecom Network is also Clarksville's most reliable VoIP phone service provider.

Their claim is "You've never loved a phone company, until now!" and they are set on quality customer service to prove it.

Established in 2014, CrossPath Telecom Network specializes in custom VoIP phone systems for business applications. The beauty behind CrossPath's cloud-based phone system is that all equipment, telephones, and features are provided and managed by CrossPath. The VoIP phone service and support are also provided directly from CrossPath, not resold or outsourced to another provider.

It is like your business having its own dedicated telecom department.

If your business has ever considered switching to VoIP, now is the time! For a limited time CrossPath is offering a special promotion for new customers:

Receive the first 2 months of service free, plus no setup fees!*

The ability for businesses to work remotely is continuing to rise across the U.S. During pandemics and severe weather conditions, your business can continue to operate from home or anywhere in the world with CrossPath Telecom Network's unique cloud-hosted VoIP telephone system. Take your phone home, plug it into your Internet router, and you are up and running just like you are at the office.

CrossPath Telecom Network is not the average telephone service provider. CrossPath's business model revolves around partnerships. CrossPath will take time to learn how your business operates and evaluate your processes and workflow. After a free assessment and consultation, CrossPath will custom design their phone system with features that will help your business operate more efficiently.  Why pay for an expensive on-premise phone system when you can have the system provided to you, managed, and warrantied each month by CrossPath?

To take advantage of CrossPath's special offer, give them a call at 931-820-8838. For more information about CrossPath Telecom Network, visit them here: LinkedIn Facebook

*Promotional offer is for a limited time only. Offer valid for new customers with 10 phones or less. Service agreement required.


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