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5 Best Solar Panels in Tucson, AZ - Kev's Best

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7 reasons you still need a business phone system - TechRadar

With so many modes of communication in play in the modern business environment, especially the recent growth in video conferencing, it's tempting to think phone lines are less relevant.  But a professional business phone system remains an important tool for most businesses today. Business phone systems have diversified. While traditional PBX and IP PBX services still have their function in offices, companies have increasingly moved to VoIP systems, which transfer voice signals across the internet in data packets. The best VoIP providers offer features difficult to implement in a traditional phone system at a low cost. In this article, we discuss seven reasons a business phone system is a must for a growing business. 1. Ease of use A business phone system simplifies your small business communications by consolidating many features into one place. Instead of trying to juggle several tools for call forwarding, call logs, conference calls, online meetings, and call screening

Seven Myths about Voice over IP - IEEE Spectrum

Illustration: Harry Campbell Once upon a time, nuclear power was going to make electricity "too cheap to meter." Today, the Internet is supposed to do the same thing for telephone calls. This time it may be true. Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, is one of the fastest-growing, and most misunderstood, technologies in the world at the moment. Confusion, outdated beliefs, and urban mythology reign over such simple issues as how it works, the quality of the calls, and, of course, how much it costs—VoIP calls are not free now, and they never will be. As things are shaping up, though, they're so cheap that carriers are letting customers make all the calls they want for a single monthly fee, typically US $25 to $35. Simply put, VoIP means doing voice communications over the same networks that we rely on for data communications—the local networks that connect to our computers and the Internet that links them all together. If you've ever bought a prepaid pho

Best PBX phone systems for small businesses in 2021 - TechRadar

Effective communication is an important part of every business, whether it's with colleagues, customers, or other stakeholders. While there are lots of communication methods in existence today, telephones still play an essential role in companies across all industries. As such, many different telephony channels and systems are available on the market. Private branch exchange (PBX) systems, in particular, have long been the preferred option for making and receiving phone calls in a business or different organizational environment. PBX systems typically allow companies to contact people both inside and outside their organization over analog, digital, and internet protocol phones.  What makes PBX phone systems so popular is that they offer increased scalability and flexibility, cost savings, self-ownership and self-control, better security, greater personalization, organization-wide communication, and many other benefits. The best PBX systems provide a large number of phones,